Friday, February 25, 2011

Traveling & Comfort

I can't say enough about JetBlue. They continue to delight me on my recent trips to Miami and Washington, DC. On both flights, I had the entire exit row to myself and their pre-boarding process for all of those in EML (Even More Legroom) seats is fabulous. On both flights, passengers asked to move to those seats and were graciously denied, indicating that you have to prepay for the seats prior to boarding and can't be moved. Best $50 per flight that I spent!

I also found due to their endless snacks, I felt good about my nibbles, comfortable getting additional beverages as needed and felt renewed and refreshed upon arrival at every destination.

Why don't we remember the little things with our own clients? Make sure that we can provide simple but appreciated amenities in our offices, work spaces and be courteous of other's comfort. If we get a little kindness and comfort, the probability is we will pass it forward in our next interaction, making everyone more relaxed and ready to get the objectives done.

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