Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Generating content

You know, the effort involved in generating meaningful content is substantial. Both of my parents are artists, so I would have thought that I would have come to this realization much earlier in my life.

I had thought because I enjoy the activities of speaking, writing and oration, it would be effortless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, if I am being critical, simply speaking or writing without point is simple and relatively effortless. Writing and speaking cogently, effectively and clearly is what requires the effort.

A client recently told me that most content generated in the English speaking world needs to be done at approximately an 8th grade level. I find this a bit troubling. Are we so incapable of reading? Is our vocabulary so limited?

It is truly shocking how repetitive we are in our patterns of communication. Not that Wikipedia is the end all of information, but this link provides some interesting facts on our language:


What do you think of your language level? How often do you write or speak in a way that isn't casual? On average, I write 50+ emails a day, at least one professional document/article/communication and take at least 10 phone calls. In a week, I will likely speak publicly or in a meeting format a dozen or more times. I don't feel this is a great deal, but I do feel the effort during preparation and in the record keeping.

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