Thursday, September 8, 2011

Macau Fitness

So one of the most important things both Anthony and I have to evaluate when we are in a city is of course, the gym. Thankfully, Anthony had spent the last several months checking out facilities and found by far the best one in Macau.

Recently opened by General Manager Pavlo Lysenko (who by the way, is huge and looks awesome - really bodybuilder big and incredibly nice and helpful - always a plus in my book), and Managing Director Norika Chio, this facility is actually a direct result of their success with Power Nutrition Macau. This is a state of the art facility with over 16,000 square feet and a full range of machines, free weights, class space and equipment.

When I asked them about Crossfit, they don't have much experience with it. It follows a traditional 24 hour / Gold's gym formula. They do have an extensive line of nutritionals and a really helpful staff. Of particular note is Alexander Chan, who signed us up, and Pedro Gomes. Both Pavlo and Luis Machado are trainers in the facility and watching Pavlo train was both inspiring, and he was clearly knowledgeable. Both Anthony and I also like to train where some serious muscle is, and we actually saw some here. Couple of guys training for competition, a few who are obviously in some of the casino shows and women who were also at the same level.

Good music, tanning and modern, western style facilities (think ala Equinox) rounded out a really good experience. I know that I will be back and if Yelp or Google Places let me leave a review here, I would.

Thanks again to all at the gym!

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Alexander D. Chan said...

Thank you, Seth and Anthony, for writing such a wonderful and great comment for our gym.

You guys are super nice customers, and we all hope to see you both soon in coming the future.

In the mean time, all the best!