Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Weekend in Vegas - Sales anyone?

This past week I spent it in the FABULOUS Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. I was there for an InfusionSoft (a corporate CRM software system) convention with a variety of speakers. Some of them were: Bob Britton, James Malinchak, Bill Glazer and Brian Tracy. Wow, do these people know how to sell. They package, ship and then produce programs of "value-packed, wealth generating, high energy, synergetic, marketing & sales resources." The promise success in a box.

I have realized it is a lie. You lie to yourself if you believe them. Yes, the programs work. Yes, they produce results. Yes, their clients are successful. I believe however, we fall victim to a fallacy of attribution. We think because of some course work, the successes happen. I would argue a different reality.

Winners simply do the following: work hard, show up every day, research and implement plans, track results, hire the right people at the right time, envision their own success, surround themselves with other successful people, are prepared for opportunity when it comes knocking and have fun while working.

See, it is simple (not easy) and I didn't even have to charge you. Don't let that stop you from buying my program when it comes out. After all, I am certain mine will have all the secrets of the ancient civilizations and "7 Ancient Keys to Business Success." I promise. Just get your credit card ready...

Did I mention we will help starving kids in South America too?

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