Thursday, January 7, 2010

Personal Branding

Whether or not you own a business, we all have a personal brand. It is more than our religion, race, gender, political ideology or even self-perception. It contains many things and is really a 360°, three dimensional view of what we are too the world.
Through the work of business planning, business owners think about their business identity, but ultimately as leaders and simply people, we should all look to our own brand. Are you honest, smart, pleasant, reliable, attentive? Do others seek your counsel, do you keep secrets or share them? How do you treat your fellow human? Your pet? What do you eat, how do you exercise and what priorities do you have?
This time of year, most people think about resolutions. Why not look to some things in your brand you want to do more of? This is often a phrase or affirmation to measure your priorities every day. Here are few examples:
• I am thankful for all of the people in my life.
• I celebrate my health and take care of my body.
• I find time for joy each day.
• I seek to act and speak with good intent.
Try to focus on your brand and the positive you wish more of. It is a new decade and a new year. Make the most of yourself and your brand!

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