Friday, April 2, 2010

Detox Cleanse - Personal & Business Choice

Mid day Monday (03/29/10) I decided after much thought and reflection to do a detox. For those of you who know me well, this might seem kind of funny given my history! I really felt with news my mom gave me about her physican's concern over health issues (not to mention being a cancer survivor), my dad's battle with prostate cancer, my own age and my need to take a more natural approach to body building/sculpting, a cleanse and diet change seemed in order.

Following the guidance of my friend and tranier Barb over at Beach Fitness, I opted for a cleanse focused on vegetables (no white/starchy), a few nuts (mostly almonds and some pinenuts/cashews as sesonings in cooked vegetables), Macrogreens supplement drink and a high quality protein powder. I am still only drinking water outside of the supplement shakes. That has eliminated all dairy, meat, processed food, refined sugar, soft drinks, additives, gluten, grains and most fats. This is day 5, and I feel AMAZING!

Day 1 was very tough. I was hungry and unsatisfied most of the afternoon and evening. Did 30 of cardio in the AM and lifted legs in the afternoon. By Day 2, I was irritable and my sleep patterns were disrupted. My energy level was very low and training was hard, though I did 30 minutes of cardio, lifted chest and then took a 30 minute kettlebell class! Day 3 brought some feelings of change in my energy level for the better, but I was definately irritable and I only could manage cardio for 30 minutes. That night sleep was the worst of the week - I only managed about 4 hours and then was up around 3:30 am. Day 4 brought continued feelings of lastitude, though my attitude was better and my hunger was far more manageable. I worked a 16 hour day and then just had to collapse in bed. I did manage to lift back lightly.

Today was a shoulder day and I woke up after a full 9 hours of sleep feeling incredible and super positive. So THIS is what it is supposed to feel like! I like it - A LOT. I was able to train shoulders and I weighed myself - a solid 5 lb. drop with a + change in body composition. NICE!

What this week has taught me about business and life is the following:

1. Changing it up and forcing yourself to do what you know you need to do is the right thing.

2. We all could use a cleanse now and again - both personally and in our businesses.

3. The first few days of fairly radical change are hard, and Mother Nature is amazing, we adapt to the new lifestyle. We can do the same in business - we expand our efforts to inculde the optimal result if we only stay focused on it.

4. You have NO time to waste. If you are ready to make changes in your life, don't wait for New Year's Day, your birthday or your doctor(consultant) telling you to cut stuff(waste) out of your life(business).

5. Results are worth it. It produces a positive feeling of causality between effort and result.

You know what you need to do to produce positive change in your life. Just go do it!

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