Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunrise Service

Getting a good start on the day is important for many of us. I was particularly moved today to attend a sunrise Easter service on the beach. It was a beautiful vista and helped me connect with some "universe" time first thing. The breaking of dawn and the great swath of Pacific ocean that I could look out upon reminded me of the importance of a positive mental attitude and spiritual centeredness.
Pastor Tia Wildermuth of First United Methodist Church ( during the homily reminded us all of the importance of believing without understanding. The disciples did not understand what had happened with the body of Christ, and yet once the message was delivered, they still had to believe without the understanding still. For articles of faith, this is undoubtedly true. For business - perhaps less so. Or is it?
When we first have a vision of success, we do not know it's certainty. We act on faith that the business will be profitable, enjoyable and filled with good results. We act on a belief not based on facts in evidence. We look to the sunrise, the opportunity and the promise of the day.
Easter is a time of renewal and hope. I hope that it is for you and your business as well.

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