Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011 - Goals & Objectives

2011 is here and life continues to march onward. Anthony has been home since December 18th and that has certainly helped improve my mood. Business has actually moved into a very active phase, with a great deal of work coming my way over the last several months.

This in turn allowed me to continue to put off my blog. Figures, right? No one pays me to write this and while I find it a creative outlet, it is not always the most "fresh" way to approach issues. What was helpful yesterday rather than setting a "resolution," we made an effort to talk about goals - both daily and over the coming year.

Writing these goals in a tangible way, having them posted and most importantly, having Anthony and I agree about them seems like a reasonable way to actually make them happen. While many might say, "well, you can just manifest those goals, the universe will provide..." I find that a bit too esoteric and disengaged from reality.

Each year when I work with clients, I provide a year in review as a snapshot of their performance and work on setting new goals for the coming period. I would encourage you to reflect not only on your life, but your life with your partner (spousal, professional or both!) and take stock of where you have been and where you are going.

Make sure you buckle your seat belt, stay focused on the goal and begin movement towards it. You can reach it!

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Nat Ferguson said...

Seth, I'm glad to see you writing your blog again. This is good advice for professionals that want to achieve greater success in 2011.

As to the value of your blogging efforts, this blog post was returned as a seach result of a Google alert with the keywords "Seal Beach, Ca". Imagine who else may be searching those keywords and searching for your service?