Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Parade & Know when to say when

The Christmas Parade is here! The street is being cleared and chairs started going up on Main Street at 10 am. It is 4:18 pm and the street is already covered with chairs. Thankfully, I have a space on the Big Red Bus (tell Peter I sent you!) and my mom, stepdad and partner are all going to dinner at Walt's Wharf. Jim K., who owns Baytown Realty and is this year's chair of the parade (as he has been for 25 years) does an amazing buffet and gathering at his place. . The parade had 75+ entries and drew thousands. I know my mom & stepdad loved it.

You know, when you get out for the holidays, be sure to remember that you need to cut back when the libations are really flowing. Alternate from alcoholic drinks to non. It is simple - don't drink and drive. Your life and the lives of those around you are too valuable! Tonight will be great fun with loads of people (10,000 expected) and lots of food, beverage and bands. All the merchants are staying open and making it extra festive.

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