Friday, December 19, 2008

Friends and Events

So last night I went out to support a friend Andrew S. who had his first time spinning at a club (V2O) as one of the DJs.  Very cool night!  Big shout out to the whole BF tribe - Barb, Ali, Pete, Bryce, Annika, Drew and of course Andrew who was rocking it out!  It was so high energy and fun. I realized last night how much I have missed the club scene.  Of course, now it is entirely different for me - as one of the "old guard" at 35, it was a different perspective. Further, I felt entirely delighted to end our evening at about 12:30 am - after all, most of us were over 25.  There is something to be said for the connection of this group.  It was the recognition of a member of the tribe's creative activity.

By the same token, I recognize this in other teams - like Julio, Cameron, Dave & I at the shop. We protect one another, make sure that we focus on the same objective and help back each other up. It has This has been true of Jim B.,  Ali, DJ, Deb and the rest of Navigaytour team - we all are trying to move the product forward.  It has been interesting to see how teams react to both challenges and successes.  Again, I feel often that I am a broken record, but acknowledge the efforts of team members even in areas outside of the workplace.  The support you provide will be a huge part of their engagement.  Plus, more often than not, it is great fun!

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