Saturday, August 15, 2009


The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law. - Aristotle

Why are so many people threatened by those they view as "others?" I just finished a comment on a blog about the Los Alamitos Unified School District's decision not to broadcast President Obama's televised message to school children. (You can see the article and my post here )Quite simply I am appalled. The idea that any sitting president should be dismissed because a vocal conservative minority are afraid of the spoken word is deeply chilling. By the same token, why do so many people feel a visceral fear about my partner of 9 years and I getting married? How does it affect their life or marriage? It certainly doesn't affect their personal relationship with God or their children. If it does, then I have way more power than I thought! Let us all remember that we are all equal and a "separate but equal" drinking fountain didn't work in the 60's so why should a "separate but equal" marriage (aka - civil union) work now?
Also, the picture inspired me - it is Aristotle walking with Plato (two of my favorite philosophers) engaged in what I believe is a true moment of the dialectic. Let's all try to get there and to not be afraid of equality or uncertainty.

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