Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rage anyone?

Have you ever felt rage? Serious rage? I know I have. It has to do with the malicious interference of one of my client's business by a sociopath neighbor. He drives by taking photos, making police calls, harasses team members in the business and makes himself not only a nuisance, but a true barrier to the business.
Clearly this person needs a psychiatric evaluation - it is only a matter of time until he hurts someone or steps over the line. . ."going postal" is a real possibility for this individual.
Along these lines, I have come to understand a subtlety about the nature of City Code and other local ordinances: they enforce by complaint. In other words, unless someone chooses to call you out on something not in accordance with code, you are in the clear. The cost of enforcement is too high to police all individuals. So if you want to get away with things, don't have a vocal position in the community and don't "rock the boat."
Guess I am fated to be affected by code because I invariably have a vocal position of leadership and tend to rock the boat. The force of rage I feel ends up being channelled into more activism and advocacy. Look out - if you really want to see me on fire, just make it unfair to me or those I care about!

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