Sunday, August 9, 2009

Social Networking and your business model

Why is social networking important? What should I be on as a business person? How do I select what resources are best for me? How can I track results?

All of these questions are not only valid, but important to consider as a business owner. There are a slew of "experts" willing to take your money to work these systems. I recommend against that. The following are a few basic rules that may work for you:
  • You need to be on social networking sites. Commit to spending some time on it.
  • Select 2-3 sites ONLY. They can take over your life if you are too diffuse. I recommend Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Remember all that you say is public. Imagine it a permanent record of your comments - you can be judged and evaluated by it.
  • Not all of your clients or customers may appreciate it, so be prepared for mixed reactions. I was amazed that a client refused to follow me on Twitter because of some of my followers - it was too risque for her.
So get online, get engaged and start making your presence felt in the virtual world - for it won't be virtual forever. Your future customers are already searching for you and your presence.

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