Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Consultant tips. . .

So everyone wants to be a consultant lately. Lost your job, hate your boss, tired of working for others - sure, go ahead and try to be a consultant. But do you have what it takes? Maybe. is an interesting posting and resource site for those who might want to get a client feed. I have never gotten one from it, but occassionally it does provide some good insight. This is from an eblast today:

In addition to advanced degrees and a significant amount of industry experience, these skills are "must haves" for any professional consultant:

1. Sell your analysis: In addition to being able to analyze problems down to their most granular levels, you also need to "sell" your analysis to your client.
2. Stay cool: Changes in any organization can lead to emotionally charged meetings. Keeping your cool will help you and the client to get the work done.
3. Be ethical: Always maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding sensitive information and document any situations where you feel someone has acted questionably.

Your professionalism, even in the most difficult circumstances, will ultimately lead to your success and the success of your client.

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