Saturday, March 6, 2010

VIP Reception & Commissioning

This week has been an incredible series of events from the Dewey Crew BBQ on Monday, the Commissioning Committee reception on Thursday and the incredible VIP reception at Boeing on Friday and finally the actually Commissioning & VIP breakfast on Saturday. It was simply amazing.

What was also incredible was the opportunity to meet the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Mike Mullen and his wife Deborah. They are remarkable people. Courteous, respectful, calm and very insightful. Clearly Mrs. Mullen as sponsor of the ship had an impact on the crew and the officers. The second photo is my family with Mrs. Mullen and one of the officers from the Naval Weapons Station. I had the opportunity to connect with Chairman Mullen on the Don't Ask - Don't Tell policy and his support of the repeal and my gay brethren was deeply satisfying. He concurred that it was the right thing to do. Mrs. Mullen was remarkably kind to Anthony and my mom & stepdad. Really a class act!

Our community really did a great job for our sailors and Naval personnel. I was proud to be a part of the commissioning committee and a big thank you to all of them! They know who they are. Also, some of my business contacts were able to be part of the event through the Chamber of Commerce. Again, a great opportunity to connect business with our armed forces! So great!

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