Friday, March 26, 2010

Lyrical Business

Last night I went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to hear Emanuel Ax on piano and Lionel Bringuier (who is quite young and handsome I might add) conduct Chopin, Berlioz and Shostakovich. It was lyrical, transportive and sublime. It always amazes me the dynamic between conductor and orchestra. Add to that the courtesy and majesty of a pianist like Ax into the mix and it becomes a true auditory treat.

The reason I was able to attend this was due to the largess of a friend and business mentor, Beverly Pearce here in Seal Beach. She is a season ticket holder and couldn't make it. I was the lucky beneficiary of her tickets. The trip reminded me of the importance of culture for all of us, but particularly entrepreneurs. We tend to become filled in our own world and lose sight of the need to enrich our life experience.

When working with teams in business, do not think your role is just the obvious one of the conductor. You may be a member of the orchestra which is working to the greater success of a larger player. As Piers Anthony asks via his character Stile in his Apprentice Adept series - who is greater, the artist who ascends to the heights, or the players which allow him to reach them? You must work diligently to extract not only the best performance out of everyone, but you must be prepared to do it with courtesy, style and aplomb.

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