Monday, May 17, 2010

Bizarre Comments, their moderation & hijacking sites

Some time ago, I didn't know why some of my friends who started blogging before I did, moderated their comments. Now I understand. I have had many attempts to place unknown Chinese characters on my blog. No translation is provided, I have no idea if the comments are even relevant. It is a strange and potentially offensive post. The next attempt, I will try to determine the source and report them back to Google as spam.

I find this particularly upsetting as my website was recently hijacked due to an absentee hosting company and became an attack site. Not what you want first time clients to experience! It is humiliating and embarrassing. While I recognize we can't all be experts in all things, having content which is uniquely yours taken over and used for a bad purpose feels very "rape" like - I feel used, abused and violated. One of the reasons I have not been blogging is my frustration with the internet as a medium. I have also backed off on Twitter - not because I think poorly of the media, but rather, I find the participants are covered by a degree of anonymity which brings out some of the worst in people.

Anyone else have relevant or cogent thoughts on this?

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