Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day reflections

Mother's Day is an important day for all of us. We have the opportunity to connect with those remarkable women who have helped shape us to who we are today. Mother's have a unique position in our developmental lives, not just because they bore us, but because they represent the uniquely feminine and the reflection of what is feminine in all of us as we grow and develop.

There are several key gifts my mothers have given me in my professional and personal life:

1. A keen sense of emotional awareness and sensitivity
2. Patience - especially with men
3. A strong independent streak - a "can do" attitude
4. An appreciation of the beauty in life
5. Nurturing others
6. Comfort in identity

As individuals in business who are constantly interacting with others, these gifts have helped me understand others and meet their needs. Thanks Moms!

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