Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Local government & business

Last night I again spoke to council about the state of business, the economy and the need for the City to help small business. The focus of economic development has been lost by our City. I even had a memo which I sent to Council and Staff tonight. IT WAS NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED by Council. There was NO discussion. Instead, Councilman Miller got to continue to pound the City Staff about how mileage is reimbursed for staff and councilmen. They are talking about pennies, when we in the business community need help! Our economy is losing millions - just in our City. We are discussing the housing element - how affordable housing can exist in our community and other items (including the police response to the coyote situation!), but we cannot get attention focused on the business community. I am deeply angered and frustrated that we are simply ignored by our community leaders. As a result, I am asking for business owners and residents who care to show up for next council meeting, and for all of us who are able to DEMAND why the Council is not paying attention to one of the greatest assets and group of constituents in our community - business. Please place it on your calendar NOW - Monday March 23rd at 7 pm. Let us work the democratic process in our favor for once!

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