Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sharing the burden

Often as we focus on our businesses and our lives as entrepreneurs, the burden seems extraordinary.  We feel we are superhuman who have concerns which are far beyond those of mere "employees."

Our vanity works against us.

We should be more aware of our need to share our burdens with those closest to us.  Our partners, our spouses, our family. The sharing of the burdens makes them lighter.  I happen to be blessed with amazing parents - all of whom are very entrepreneurial.  In the last week, ALL of them have checked in with me to find out how I am doing and how the business is performing.  In addition, they also wanted to share how they were responding in their various industries to the recession.  Amazingly, several clients have also shared with me how they in turn have connected with their inner circle (often including parents and/or spouse) to receive guidance and feedback.

We are NOT alone.  We have a network of trusted advisors - we need to remember to share with them where we are and ask for feedback.  None of us gets through this life alone - so don't allow your vanity to interfere with the best resources you have for insights and ultimately encouragement to keep going.  In the coming crisis - it will be those who continue to fight and look to results who will be the most successful.

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