Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

It was a wonderful St. Patrick's day with lots of meetings and fun! I have to say that when everyone else drinks or parties - it sure lets me get a great deal done. I also caught up with my friend Dan W. - he is up in SFO and it was great to spend some time talking to him. What was also so great about the day for business is that I got a chance to discuss some ideas with the Chief of Police and the City Manager about the day and potentially changing how Main Street is utlized. It was also amazing to see the Grand Opening of the Farmer's Market here in town. A great slide show of it can be found at http://sealbeachdaily.com/2009/03/17/the-beauty-of-buying-local-fresh-and-fun-at-the-new-seal-beach-farmers-market/
Have a great night and hope everyone stays safe tonight.

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