Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Huntington Library & Gardens

Today we toured the Huntington Library and Gardens. Vast gardens, significant buildings, a great collection of rare books/manuscripts, and a free day the first Thursday of the month to which you may request tickets. Be sure to get the tickets on line rather than via phone and you must do it the month prior to your visit. The system can be confusing, but you can get up to 5 tickets to one address. DO NOT think you can send multiple ticket orders to the same address, as they will be canceled out.

Some highlights from our trip:
- A Gutenberg bible
- An illuminated original manuscript of The Canterbury Tales
- Christopher Isherwood's original manuscript of "A Single Man"
- The succulent garden
- Tea & dim sum in the newly created and opened Chinese Garden (very pricey, but delicious)
- The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough & Pinkie by Thomas Lawrence
- The "Plant Lab" - good exhibits, but not great staff present to explain or answer questions about things. Very self directed.

Regardless of minor issues, the trip was truly delightful. Abundant parking and easy to get to as well. Perfect for out of town guests or a trip with your spouse. Do NOT think you can do this trip in just one day. I would suggest highlights the first time and then back for a second (or more) deeper visit. Enjoy!

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