Thursday, February 25, 2010


So today I did my two hour seminar on Business planning 101. It was a joint effort of the Chamber of Commerce, the SBA and Boeing. My class was the first one in an eight session series. Here is the outline of it:
When you start building a business plan, do you know what your business stands for? Do you recognize the difference between a slogan, brand, mission statement and mantra? Simply, your mantra is the statement to which all of your business decisions stem from! In this two hour intensive seminar, you will explore the basic segments of a business plan, some key steps on how to write one and finally develop your mantra for your own current or future business. Appropriate for all levels of business owners or non-profit staff, you will find this EDGE session will start you off right!
It was at the Hampton Inn & Suites here in Seal Beach and somewhat ironically, there was a meeting of the Education & Evaluation Center for Medical Marijuana having a conference in the room we were supposed to have, so we adjusted to working in the main lobby and breakfast area. It went very well. All the participants got a lot out of it and when anonymous presenter evalatuations came back and I got the results from the director of operations - I received near perfect marks! Another successful seminar session. What was even more exciting was the additional work from several participants which will likely develop.
So if you are in a service business, I strongly encourage you to teach a seminar for free - the clients and credibility you will recieve pays serious dividends!

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