Thursday, February 11, 2010

A return from SFO

My friend Dan and his best friend Lola are amazing. Here they are at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco in my recent trip to visit. Do you ever wonder what life would be like with unconditional love? I know Dan doesn't.

He has near perfect love with Lola. He shared an interesting observation about love and care. Dan is a physician (among other things) and quite a successful one at that. The problem with being a successful physician (yes Jim, Dave and others - you know who you are and yes, I am talking to you too!)is that you often (like entreprenueurs) keep extrodinarily long hours. He pointed out that when he arrived home Lola would love to see him. When he was later than usual arriving home, rather than being upset or hurt Dan didn't make it home faster, she simply loves him THAT MUCH MORE.

Don't we wish all of our spouses would be that understanding about our schedules?

One of our first stops was the San Francisco Main Branch public library. Wow! That kinda says it all - WOW!

This library is simply amazing. From the outside, it seems fairly blocky, but once inside, you are transformed into a modern version of the library you grew up being forced to go to. It has a sweeping central rotunda and floor after floor of abundantly spaced shelving and seating. There are work stations for computer docking and computers available for use. Fastidiously clean and remarkably well policed, this library is a credit to the institution.

My favorite area, the Hormel LGBT special collection actually was not on display as I expected, but was a nice reading area. The collection in that area was a bit more sparse than I expected, I thought the Main library would have had a large selection, but perhaps not. It did have a good offering of periodicals relevant to the community.

The main reason I went here was to return a book for my stepfather, Jim who had checked out Canterbury Tales from June 19th, 1955. The circulation desk took the book, was delighted to receive it and didn't charge me! BONUS!

Plus, Dan and Lola (dressed in her uber cute "service dog" outfit!) were able to spread the joys of doggie service to many patrons. Overall, I would fly into SFO just to go to this library. It was that good.

When it was time to Nom-Nom, we asked: where do you take the boys and your favorite bitch in the Castro? Squat & Gobble! We couldn't have been happier at this restaurant. Not only does it permit dogs, it is DOG - FRIENDLY! Practically a must for those gay men with requisite four furred friend (not your collared cub, Papi bear!) j/k Seriously, they have bowls of water for dogs, a very friendly staff and a pretty substantial menu. Being fairly big men, we ordered four entrees for the two (and a half - for Lola) of us. I had a Chicken Divan crepe along with a half pound Black Angus Chuck Burger (they forgot the cheese - hence the four stars) and Daniel had the Seafood Linguini (yes, with huge ass tiger prawns) alongside the Marina crepe.

NOM-NOM; woof-woof; sigh. . .

Yes, it was that good. No, there weren't leftovers.

So grab your man, boi, hot friends (do you have any other kind?), lesbian sister, whatev. . . and be sure to stop in.

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