Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working through the Power of 2

Working in the consulting field always results in collaboration. First, you collaborate with your client, and in many projects, there are multiple consultants, advisors and departments all interfacing. This type of interaction will lead to issues which exist in pairs even more than in "teams." Recently, I have become an advocate for not only strength based leadership, but the entire structure pertaining to positive psychology. Those of you who have read my blog in the past know that I often focus on positive issues.

I can't comment strongly enough how communication, trust, mission goals and ultimately acceptance are core tenets of good partnership. The book illustrates others, but I absolutely agree that those are vital to any endeavor. When working with your clients, realize they are imperfect, you, in partnership with them can yield far superior results than they could alone. Be proud and clear in the value you provide. Accept that you may disagree, but remain open and understanding of what they provide - their willingness to listen and ACCEPT what you have to share.

Now go give them even better results!

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