Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When evaluating work performance, one of the things business should look at is the consistency of the employees or contractors in the organization. This is particularly true when dealing with small business or small organizations. All too often, I have been involved with a client or an organization when certain members are not consistent. This makes the entire organization move in fits and starts. Disagreement is healthy, but when it moves into areas of explosive anger, deliberate sabotage or subversive hostility, it only decreases the effectiveness of any organization. When people are regularly late, provide feedback more to hear themselves speak rather than solve a problem or those who are more interested in being right rather than being effective, all are signs of inconsistency and sabotage. These people need to understand that their impact on the organization is not helpful and ultimately detrimental. Often, they will move themselves out of position through their own action. Go ahead and give them enough rope and they generally will hang themselves.

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