Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The power of paper is ponderous. In our lives, we seem to constantly be "gifted" relatively large amounts of paper: bulk mail, advertising, magazines, periodicals, notices, communications (personal & professional), notes, comments and more. It seems as though the amount of paper we accumulate is neverending. I will rise to challenge it!
To this end, I ordered a document shredder for my home office. It is not for security, though it will accomplish that, it is simply to grind up the detritus of paper which sits on my desk. I anticipate that it will be a huge asset to my personal organizational process. Speaking of personal processes, I had a great second session with my life coach / hypnotherapist - Leanne Crawford of Violet Source Healing which was remarkable. Interestingly enough, my session was in part "Clearing out the Clutter" and this blog entry attests to the efficacy of her (and my subconcious, now concious) suggestion to clear away items of burden in my life. LOVE IT!

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