Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Winds of Change & Bunnies

It is nice to observe when something "right" happens in town. Monday night, City Council voted 3-2, yes for business. They let a small Japanese sushi restaurant open after months of Planning Commission and City Council hearings. It also seems that there is room for progress in our town. In other news, the City apparently has a bunny problem - seriously. There was two hours of public testimony about rabbit over population in Leisure World and there were residents very concerned about it on both sides. What was interesting was that you got to see the democratic process at work - a concern brought to the fore to government by consistituents. What we all need to remember is that there is a process. If there had been an agenda item, City Council could have taken an action.

So remember with government - get agenzied first! Then have a call to action.

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