Sunday, June 7, 2009

Immigration - How it affects us. . .

As you know Anthony and I have been together 9 years and it has been a constant struggle with immigration throughout that time. When Anthony worked for British Airways he would fly to London from Philadelphia over night, go to work and fly home, so we could be together. He would do this process 4 -5 times a month because of the way immigration laws are at this time. At the moment he cannot get US residence and the right to work here. Now that we are in California and he is nearly finished with his studies, his student visa will be coming to an end again and he will have to go back to the UK and renew it but this process will not always last forever and we are worried that he will eventually be declined. We would ask you all to take a few minutes to support the United American Families Act that Congressman Mike Honda has put together and support us, Anthony and the other 36,000 other binational couples that this bill will help. Just follow this link
Thank you for taking the time!

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