Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Early Start & Dead Calm

Today I was up around 5:30 am - really got a jump on the day. I also wanted to share a "shout out" to S. Jimmy Carter. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for 16 years. This month is his birthday month and he has had an amazing life journey. This image used in the blog post is by him and if you want to see more, check him out at http://www.sjcarterphotography.com/
When you are up early, it helps put your day in overdrive. Try to have a reason to get up early and engage in some kind of productive activity for you! This helps motivate and focus your energies to a productive end. Though the image to the right is called "Dead Calm," I find it both haunting and soothing. There is no reason to fear the quiet solitude in the morning or the introspection that some time with yourself enables. Enjoy and remember to focus within to bring results!

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SJCarterPhotography said...

Thanks for the shout out Seth! I'm so glad that you enjoyed that particular photograph - I also find it to be calming and peaceful. Keep up the great work that you're doing and I'm proud of you! Thanks again!

Jimmy (S J Carter)