Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yesterday Anthony and I went flying in a Beechcraft Duchess. It was amazing. What impressed me about the flight were three key things:

1. Flying is definitely work for the pilot. There is a constant activity of pedals, yoke, elevators and rudder control. In addition, there is a need to not only scan the sky, but all of the instrument panel as well.

2. General aviation flying is incredibly convenient, fast and courteous. There is a team of people on the ground helping your aircraft, the aviation location will fuel the aircraft for you and it has amazing amenities. Think first class lounge in an international European airport (like LHR). None of the pesky security lines, check-in personnel or other burdensome issues.

3. Things in the air happen VERY fast. When aircraft are flying over 140 knots and free fall (terminal velocity) of an aircraft is over 300 mph, the speeds of things happening are frightening. There is vast open space which seems slow, but other aircraft just whiz along. Along this line, you are dealing with three vectors (a three dimensional space - x,y & z axis) when most of us are only accustomed to two when driving. That third dimension adds an exponential layer of complexity.

What does this have to do with business? Quite a bit - remember to consider more variables, realize that things in business happen FAST (much faster than they appear) and that it is HARD work. Finally, like that first class experience, there is nothing more satisfying than being in business for yourself.

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