Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weather & Business

How does the weather affect your business? Here in Southern California, it is rare to get cloudy days and even more rare to have regular rain. The last couple of days have had both. It is cool and refreshing, but it really decreases walking traffic. Many of my clients have indicated a slow down as high as 50% per day due to rain. This is fairly substantial in most operations that make money from many customers over time with smaller transaction volume (most retail & restaurants). Taking into consideration the impacts of seasonality and weather is certainly something you need to adjust to. Non-customer contact tasks are ideal for weather where customer flow is less. Need to have a meeting about marketing? Want to work on finances? Need to cut an employee just for the day? Could be a great time. Do you chart your daily sales? Can you see a trend with weather patterns which you could capitalize on? Take note and make the changes to bring you lower overhead and better opportunity to work on tasks that need your attention.

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