Monday, October 19, 2009

Supporting particular communities

How do you make your "dollars" heard? Do you make sure that when you spend you shop local? What about your demographic? Do you know the power it holds? I know I try to. One of my clients has a cool partnership with Enterprise Rental Cars. When you log in to on the landing page you will see in part 3 an "Optional: Coupon, Customer, or Corporate Number" if you put in the box below the following code#: NAVIGAY, and then it will ask you for the PIN on the next screen, you will input: NAV - you will get an automatic 10% of whatever the best deal is that Enterprise is offering! So if you are allied to our community, make your dollars work when traveling. Want to know more about the project - it is There are some cool guidebooks have in several markets - Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and potentially Austin! So I am just passing some savings on to you. What do you do to promote to specific communities or to build customer loyalty? This is a great example and I hope you might share more with me!

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