Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Touring City Facilities

Today I had the opportunity to tour a set of City facilities: lifeguard tower, police station & jail, new under construction fire station and the key water treatment/storage reservoir. Fascinating. All too often in our businesses we don't know how services are delivered and simply take them for granted, like turning on the tap. This is particularly true in Southern California where water is becoming more and more a premium. Another interesting fact is that this tour was unusual because Cities no longer want people to know how infrastructure is routed and organized. Since 9/11 we have become increasingly concerned about the possibilities of terrorism and disruptive action. As businesses and individuals we should be prepared for some level of "Black Swan" type event. Can't we all have a few cases of bottled water on hand? Shouldn't we all have an emergency kit ready for action? I know it seems odd, but it only takes minutes for the world to change and a tiny bit of preparedness may go a long way when the unexpected happens. How is your business ready for the unexpected? Also, for the record - no, this is not the water treatment facility here in Seal Beach.

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