Saturday, November 21, 2009

Creative placement

Do you ever think about where your brand is placed? What is it next to? Who might wear a t-shirt, carry a pen or have a piece of logo merchandise? Though some movies and media do a great job of making this fairly ridiculous as you can see! Makes me not want to buy Wonder or Old Spice ever again.

I would recommend that your brand and products whenever possible are attached to attractive, successful people. The more you can associate the brand with qualities that society places value on, it helps. Also, consider placement in areas which are complementary but unexpected. Imagine a shelf of cold medicine with a section of Campbell's Chicken Soup. Obviously not a cold remedy, but certainly a complementary product.

Look to brand your products or service in interesting ways. Your volunteerism, community engagement and identity within a town is critical to how you are perceived. Make your brand shine every day.

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