Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quiet on a Saturday night

Where is your "quiet place?" For me, oddly enough, it was in the laudromat on Saturday night. Amongst all those silent machines, flourescent lights and strangely loud/silent television screens, I found some solitude.
As a community leader, business owner and activist, I find being alone lately a deeply private and renewing span of time. While I was there, for about an hour, the only other person who came in was local police officer. He was documenting a break-in which had occurred that morning around 4 am. Someone had tried to break in to access the money in the coin changing machines. The perpitrator had been caught and nothing had been stolen.
This was a particularly surreal moment because the television show COPS was blairing from one of the TV screens. I chuckled at the irony but did not share it. As some of you may know, my partner, Anthony has been away now for over a month. He usually does the laundry. I felt close to him while drying and folding. Is that strange?
Regardless, what I wished to share with you is the importance of solitude, silence and reflection. In my partying 20s, the idea of being alone doing laundry on a Saturday night was even a possibility, now, it seems a kind of luxury. The luxury of doing a basic task, looking within and having some quiet time seems particularly important to those of us that are usually "on stage." Be sure to appreciate it for what it is, not missing the other distractions that may call to you.

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