Sunday, November 29, 2009

When is it time to end?

When do you know it is time to end a relationship with a client? When do you end a relationship with anyone in your life? When have you been hurt enough to move on?

One of the statements that I have tried hard to live by is: "Change occurs when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change." We all get different things from our work and personal relationships. We often receive monetary compensation, recognition, accolades and perceived power over things or people.

What is subtle and often not thought of when it is time to end is our own vanity and pride. We often will continue because we think we are smart, talented or "special" enough to change the way the world works. Often, we do this with little or no compensation, believing we can make the critical difference! Do not be fooled by your own vanity or desire to be the critical piece in a failing business. Step back and be objective about what you can contribute. It may be that you can make the difference, and be sure that you are able to be appropriately compensated for those efforts. All too often, we are limited by our own self perception and end up working for little to no return.

Be a smart entrepreneur, know enough when to say "enough!"

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