Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Night - Part Deux

I am once again frustrated and enraged by my fellow neighbors and citizens - this time in Maine. Thank goodness for Adam Bouska (and partner Jeff Parshley) and his NoH8 campaign. It is a powerful representation of where we are as gay citizens in a culture which asks us to be less than what we are. Why is this?

From a business perspective, the prevention of citizens by government to marry seems an exercise in futility. Over time, every ethnic, gender and religious group has been integrated. The fights are costly, divisive and result in countless lives being affected in a negative way until acceptance. Doesn't it seem silly to make gays the whipping boy of our time? Do you really think it is going to turn out any differently? Who will need to get shot before the public realizes how ridiculous the arguments of those opposed to same sex marriage are?

Also, as a special message to all of our religious institutions - be careful of what you support now, for later, you will reap the harvest of the seeds of hate. When you have your tax exemption removed because of your involvement in this issue, you will look back and only have yourself to blame. As a species we need to move forward in harmony. Marriage is not a zero sum game, it is non-zero sum where your support and understanding now will pay dividends to all of us later. Mark my words, those who oppose us will never gain the benefits of the LGBT community dollar, business or network. We are well educated, affluent and highly brand loyal - all of the marketing research proves it. So check back and if others have ideas for how to move this along, please comment.

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Marcia B. said...

Even though I am older, I like to think I am wiser and try to grow and expand my thinking daily as well as my actions, my support(s), in an intelligent manner. I know that the world is made up of many different peoples, personalities and perspectives. Some are not worthy of humane considerations in my opinion because of heinous actions.
But diversity in our global population is an entirely different matter. Being gay is simply a human condition; like being Caucasian; or American Indian; or Asian. It is not a choice; it is what it is; you are who you are. Why do we not grant all the rights and privileges to the Gay community and individuals too in our nation? We embrace and accept their creativity, their intelligence, their productive abilities, their contributions to society, to community, to the Nation, to the world. So we must embrace and accept their rights to all Constitutional protocols enjoyed by every American citizen.

Being Gay has nothing to do with religion. So why should those who have chosen a particular religion or not chosen one, think they can judge and decide the rights of others based on their chosen religious beliefs? I find this way of thinking to be incredibly limiting and absolutely ludicrous.

I will work and speak out in any productive way I can to support Seth, his partner Anthony and the Gay Community to this end.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !

Marcia Brashier
The Proud Mother of a Gay Man