Friday, November 7, 2008

Creating advertising value in a tough economy

As a consultant I always look how we can create a marketing splash for small business which doesn't involve large expense.  The idea of cooperative marketing advertising pages (Co-Op ad page) is one which can really help.  What do you do?

You get one agency or group to sponsor part of a page in an advertising vehicle which works for multiple advertisers.  For example - the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce might help members buy a Co-Op ad page in a newspaper by anchoring one segment of the page.  This strategy is in place for several of my clients and can reduce ad costs by more than 1/3.  Currently I am doing that with my client Navigaytour and also several in Seal Beach, via the Chamber.

Advertising is not something which needs to be expensive, it can be something targeted and shared.  Just because it is tough in the economy - this is the time to advertise.

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