Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre election night musings - Proposition 8

Tonight I had an amazing workout with one of my clients - Barbara Bartee. She is a remarkable woman who has created a great personal training center - Beach Fitness. You can see it at She and Bryce Turner (her business partner) have convinced me that after 17 years of weight lifting - it is still fun to get in the gym and train hard.

Along these lines I am thinking hard about Proposition 8. What an unfair piece of legislation.

My partner Anthony and I have lived here in Seal Beach, CA for the last two years and we are seriously considering marriage both here and in the UK (since he is British). We have been together for 8 years in what many would describe as a "marriage." Why our actual contract of marriage in the state of California would affect anyone else seems completely absurd to me. Life is too short to let others interfere with our life and pursuit of happiness. If there was another word which was as integrated within the legal system so that we could enjoy ALL of the same rights and benefits as a marriage, I would be fine with using that word. Ironic that people choose semantics to create a "bastion of righteousness." So very absurd.

In the world, I would think there are more meaningful issues we could solve or fight for. "Sanctity" or "righteousness" just seems to vague, social and petty anymore to me. I hope everyone who is eligible gets out and votes tomorrow. It is a duty for all citizens.

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