Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Power of Reading

This has been a week of trying new things to develop communicating my business. I started this blog and now I have been reviewing my reading list with my LinkedIn profile. Reading is one of the great loves of my life - it transports, entertains and thrills me. The voice of the author, the lives of the characters and the lessons learned are all part of what I enjoy so very deeply. If I could recommend one activity to fellow entrepreneurs, it would be to read. Reading can take place at your convenience and can be paused with even less effort than we pause our DVD players, iPods or streaming video; we just look up from the text. It also engages the mind in a way quite different from watching television (which I abhor) or even being engaged in conversation.

It was remarkable that within just a few moments I could recall dozens of titles of books which thrill me and have taught me valuable lessons. So please, take a moment, get a book and feed your mind. Go get a library card - you can read in the USA for nearly nothing. Enjoy.

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