Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proposition Hate

As to the Proposition 8 - I can't tell you how upset I am. I am angry, hurt, disenchanted and feel rejected by my own country and people. I cried with Anthony this morning. It was not fun. This may be the final impetus to leave the US. I think we will relocate to the UK sooner rather than later. I find it sad that of all the social issues - abortion, drug legalization, farm animal treatment. . .the side of decency won. Only in the category of gay people did we revoke a right or prevent it from happening - Florida, Arizona and California. It proves to me that no matter what people say bigotry, homophobia and segregation are still alive in the United States. I am disgusted with religion in general and churches in particular.Obviously Anthony and I are not the same as other couples - our own citizens and neighbors just told us so. We were told essentially as blacks were in Selma, AL and all across our the nation: "You can't drink from this water fountain (traditional marriage) it's for white people (straights), because we have these other drinking fountains (commitment ceremonies or whatnot) for you colored folk (gay people)." American's might want change on a great many things, but Californian's don't want change about their "values." As to fear mongering and the language of hate that the Yes on 8 people drummed up - "they will teach it to your kids," it obviously worked. Business and the economy will suffer in California because the dollars which would have been spent here will leave, along with talented people who thought they were moving to an accepting place. I know California will lose us.

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