Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Power of Priority

Today focused me on the issue of prioritization - the step by step isolation of what activities are best suited to attain a final goal. My goal for my clients is simple, to allow growth and positive strategic direction. We are constantly barraged by "the ringing phone" - that which is urgent but not necessarily important. I was reminded that we have to take time out to get out of our own heads and be involved in activities opposite from what we do nearly all day. For example, most of my work time is spent on solving problems, analyzing solution sets and communicating with or for clients.

So today, I took some time to be present in my own body, without letting my mind be racing for a solution or insight. My friend Josh, http://javajosh.blogspot.com/ talked to me a great deal about meditation and the process of clearing the mind of thought in order to expand conciousness and derive harmony. This let me recharge.

As a result, several solution sets for challenges became apparent and my stress level declined immensely. I felt able to handle everything easily and with out pain. What a great place to be! So to all of my fellow entrepreneurs, remember to as my father says "make haste slowly" - slow down, be present in the now and rest your mind. Solutions will present themselves and you will be far less anxietous than you were when you were filled with the urgency of the world. As I mentioned yesterday - have a real sense of urgency, but don't feel compelled to fill every moment.

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