Monday, November 24, 2008

Friends and listening

My dear friend John W. called last night. He wanted to share some thoughts about his workplace and where he is personally. It was wonderful to just listen. I think all to often we find ourselves too "busy" just to listen to friends. It is harder when people are in other time zones - that three hour time difference really makes it necessary to plan when you talk. Make sure that you take time to listen to those who are close to you.

As he shared, it helped me put some client issues into perspective, and provided some insight for how to help them better. His story triggered additional thoughts in my mind about what was happening both in his workplace and in the client's. I think it also really helped him to share it.

I miss the time spent with close friends just checking in on their life and feeling how they are. Do you ever miss it? I wish there was a way to connect quickly over long distances which is easy and inexpensive and not "virtually." Remember to take time for them - they will help you in ways you never imagined.

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