Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Balance of Power

It is always questionable in community and small business where the power lies. Is it with government? Residents? Business? Clearly not business, at least not in Seal Beach. Voters control the local politics and those who are most interested in what is happening tend to begin to steer the discussion. All components of community must act with some harmony in order for the societal contract and effective interaction of all of the triad to work. What does this mean? Any one of the three can cause harm to the other two, but only through cooperation are optimal results made. A perfect example of harmony was made last night about solar power. All speakers and council felt that solar was the way to go - by zeroing out fees for small residential systems. Thus, all benefit - small business, residents and even the government (in the form of positive press). In an example of disharmony, government is trying to control the types of businesses within the Main Street specific plan area. This governmental interference in free market does not benefit the community equally. It harms business growth and does not address the critical issues of noise and alcohol consumption that bothers some residents. Balance was not achieved and as a result, less than optimal results were achieved - poor staff direction and an uncertain community. Balance, harmony, results.

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