Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reflecting - the day after

What is our independence? Why do we as a country celebrate it? Should we reflect on what it means to be free? Are we really free in our society?

I chose this image not only because it is provocative, but because it has an intriguing duality - sensual & sexual vs. artistic & composition. We take for granted that we have the right to free speech, the right to assemble and the right to choose many things in our country. Other nations, like Iran, are in the midst of redefining what their independence means to them. This image could not be published in that society without consequence - for that matter, I couldn't live with my partner in an open way. Yet, our government would control what I put into my body (and thus what I do to it) and who I can marry. When does control interfere with freedom? Who decides this? When is too much freedom dangerous? I find our country moving in an odd lurching step - both looking for more equality (equal healthcare for all), yet denying equality (no, I can't marry my partner). Strange that we should be so concerned about the "rights" when really aren't we talking about "privileges?" I am not sure that everyone deserves the right to health care. I am equally unsure that everyone deserves the right to have children - yet there is no limit on having children. Are we in society protecting the right things? Or are we simply trying to appease the masses?

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