Thursday, July 16, 2009


When considering money, equity, time and sweat/effort - what is truly fair? It has been an interesting last two days as work has taken me to our friends/clients home in Palm Springs. Man is it HOT here! I can see how this is truly the desert. What does come to mind is the issue of fairness and "even-handedness" in all relationships.

Not only do most of us work, many of us are in relationships with significant life partners. Over the course of our lives we both create and destroy capital and resources. How much do we each participate in each other's successes & failures? How can this be categorized? One thing is clear, if you have it in writing before you needed it, it likely will proceed most smoothly. If you are currently in a business relationship with someone - make sure you have a clear operating agreement or at least a outline of responsibilities and equity. Don't leave things to chance, or chance will tear you apart!

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