Friday, July 17, 2009

Success & Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! It is pretty amazing to think about my father Alan who stands here holding one of his trophies for his vineyard and winery. He is on the far left. He has attained levels of success in his winery and in art that I am proud of and deeply admire. A prostate cancer survivor and a man of deep indomitable will, he is truly the definition of an entrepreneur and artist. His story has been a one of creation, risk, adventure and ideas. He taught many lessons, one of which is demonstrated here - deserving success is worthy of celebration. He has never worked harder (though as I child I remember much multi-tasking: single parent/father, college professor, mentor, housekeeper, cook, chief bottle washer, artist, storyteller and master adventurer), so he says, than he does currently in his vineyard and tasting room, but as one of his octogenarian customers reminded him, "and aren't you lucky to be able to work like you do." It is with great love, affection, friendship and commitment that I dedicate this blog to him - his successes, his emotions, his insight, his lessons and the incredible journey which has been his life to date. Much love to you & again, happy birthday!

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