Monday, January 26, 2009


When working with entrepreneurs, I have noticed a trend - intensity.  This group of people tends to throw themselves with great abandon into their work.  Often it is a labor of love which intersects some profitability.  Often they merge their natural inclination for sales and marketing into their daily life.  They also tend to work and play very hard!  They take trips, indulge in sensory stimulating activities and enjoy life.  There is also a great deal of intensity in their relationships.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs (both of my parents and most of my close friends are entrepreneurial), it also seems to be somewhat a characteristic which has been nurtured from an early age.

When meeting with my mentors Mark and Terri from the Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship earlier this month, we talked about this characteristic and where it comes from.  Most of these people are at work ALL THE TIME!  They proudly bring their work into their daily life and home life.  Where does this lack of traditional "work/life balance" come from?  Why are entrepreneurs so intense?  Why do they seem to "suck the marrow" from life and live more richly (if not with more wealth?)

Also, have you noticed that this intensity is coupled with an almost irrepressible sense of optimism?  We are confident not only of our success, but of the joy in life.  I think this would be a fascinating area to evaluate and study - what in the nurture or nature of this group of individuals allows for such behavior. . .

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