Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Power of the People - Building Consensus

Today I have the opportunity to make a difference by leading business through the Chamber of Commerce. Last night I testified in front of the Planning Commission and finally helped resolve the parking issue at Seal Beach Center. What a feeling of satisfaction that a political and planning problem finally got fixed (at least for the short term) last night. Later, I worked with Mike L. and his wife as they tried to bring in a new Vietnamese restaurant. Thankfully the effort worked and I believe they can live witht the conditions of the CUP with very extended and negotiated in-lieu parking fees.
I have to say that working with the Planning Commission is a pleasure - they really are trying to help business. I was particularly pleased by the Chairman's recognition that during these economic times, business needs help and the City should be ready and willing to do so. It finally shows me that we are making progress.

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